Holywood, Northern Ireland
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Clandeboye Lodge Hotel


Officially one of the hottest days off the year… are we really in NI ?

I’ve got writers block at the moment, so here’s a little info:

Ceremony in Belfast, then straight down to the coast (curtesy of Star Cars and the fantastic Ronnie (one of the best wedding drivers in Belfast)) OMG it was so busy no chance of using the sea wall this time, HaHa – but I kind of prefer the other side, more romantic/wild so suited us. Happy to say it worked really well !!

The reception and speeches at the Clandeboye Lodge where the same amazing hospitality as always… In all honesty, Luke (one noise media) and I went exploring for a post dinner field during dinner (I do like my after dinner shoots). But the wheat had all been cut, CRAPBAGS. It was time to show Luke my sneaky spot… Never fails, I think that path had something of a dusty California vibe and then hiding in the wheat with the sunsetting behind the glade = PERFECTION !! Happy to say my favourite photos from the day were taken after dinner in less then 10mins.

Covid, so no dancing…

Thanks for looking.