Holywood, Northern Ireland
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Kilmore House Adventure


This wedding follows the adventures of Caine + Daisy, 1 Beach, 2 waterfalls, 2 bottle of champagne and the biggest Wedding Party ever ! 

Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of photographing quite a few weddings at Kilmore House, most of the time  venturing into Glenariff Country Park top carpark with the amazing views down the glacier Valley to the sea (stunning) But it can get a little busy.. SO how about the waterfalls, just down the road and on the way back to Kilmore House are Glenariff Waterfalls? Honestly,  the most gorgeous waterfall for a wedding shoot.  BUT, there are not many people brave enough to hop over a fence and drop down the (VERY) muddy bank to stand in front of a waterfall IN A WEDDING DRESS. . . Well Daisy was and DID.    

Thank you for allowing me to be there to capture it all.